Monday, December 21, 2015

A revisiting

I haven't written anything since February 4th, which honestly isn't true or fair. I've written quite a bit since then. Pages and pages actually. But to be frank, I didn't want anyone reading those words yet. Everything I've written this year has felt half-baked. Either that or it felt like it was part of a larger whole and since I didn't know what that whole was, I didn't want to ruin the surprise by potentially burying the lead. 
Truth is, I've been writing more than I've written in years, a heady fusion of intention and having something to say. It's felt like someone unplugged the air hole in my metaphorical beach ball and the release felt so good. I've realized that's been the theme of 2015 for me: A slow release. But rather than feeling deflated, I'm feeling more and more like myself every day.

I have something to say and I've been saying it, just not here. Where blogging used to be my stream-of-consciousness outlet, it's been less of that in recent years. Those thoughts have been funneled in other directions, not more or less important, but different. I felt compelled to revisit the blog today, perhaps that's something that will keep happening, but it feels good to have a release. 

I'm not sure what the theme of 2016 will be, but if I am happy this time next year as I am now, then I'll be doing just fine.