Friday, January 9, 2015

I expected better from Meghan Trainor

I expected so much better.
Meghan Trainor, the current one-hit wonder behind "All About That Bass" releases her first full-length album next week and after a listen, I'm very disappointed.
Yes, I know she has another song on the radio, but if you can seamlessly go into your second hit without changing the key, beat or tempo of your previous hit - then they are the same song just with different lyrics. Which is the first problem I have with her album. It's the same song, 11 times, with different lyrics.
Meghan can sing. She sounds the same live as she sounds on the album, which is rare these days. I even think she can sing well and I didn't give her a negative thought at all until I heard her in an interview. Y'all it was like watching the southern sorority girl version of an Eminem interview from 2002. It's been probably that long since I've heard such an affected, wanna-be-black, white person interview. Not even Beiber comes across as that affected.
The reason I find it so irritating is mostly because of the furor involved with Iggy Azalea. She has come under such fire for being a blonde white girl from Australia who raps with a voice that appears to be an affectation. So...why hasn't anyone called out Trainor for the same thing? At least in interviews, Iggy doesn't sound affected. But Trainor is nothing if not consistent in the way she speaks and sings.
Cultural appropriation is one thing. I'm actually all for it because it's what has happened over and over again throughout history and in our global culture we live in, it's impossible to not be inspired by the cultures that surround us. Having said that, it's off-putting to me that she speaks and acts like the black-girl stereotype from a late 90s teen movie.
She's a pretty blonde girl with a great album cover who is proud of her "curves" (I put that in quotes because she barely has any), and she has had a catchy song, but at the end of the day, I want her to act like herself. It's 2015 and being yourself counts for something. People fight for their right to be themselves. Why is she trying to be the black girl from the "Scary Movie" franchise?
Musically, I expected better. I also don't find her songs about one-night-stands empowering in the slightest. But mostly, I think we should expect more than an affectation from someone we are putting the spotlight on.

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