Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Large and strong

"I have seen your info and has decided to write to you. I am Elena I write you from Russia from cities of Moscow. I hope, I hope I have made a correct choice, and we can find much in common in each other and we can create family. I am 25 years, growth 178. I never was in a marriage, and I do not have any children.
I dream of the large and strong love. I think, that you also dream of it.
I hope, our dreams will come true also we probably we shall embody them in the validity.
If I am interesting for you, please  write to me by my electronic mail:"

Perhaps it's due to Valentine's Day week, a week I have been dreading for some time now, but this spam email caught my completely off guard and made my day.
Elena from from Russian from cities of Moscow writes to me how she dreams of "the large and strong love." Then she totally calls me out on the fact that I dream of that too.Know-it-all-Russian-bitch.
I probably shouldn't be having this moment on basis of a spam email, but really, isn't that what we're looking for? I am at least. A large and strong love. I don't want a piddly and simple love - that's boring. I want the all-consuming, overly-passionate, indescribable love. Just like Elena does.
It's been a rough month in that department but that's just life sometimes. It'll happen eventually, and if not, then I will just email Elena I guess. And no, I don't know what "growth 178" means but I kinda want to reply to find out.

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