Tuesday, January 15, 2013


What do you do when you've fallen?
Just recklessly fallen?
When there's no hope for you or your feelings.
You've just completely fallen.

I don't like falling actually. We've all had that dream where we are falling forever and it's always terrifying because we wake up when we hit the ground in our dream. When that happened to me, I was a kid and I fell off the bed. This is where I think Inception is a real thing and we shouldn't fall asleep on planes because I remember falling and falling and falling and falling. It was like I was falling off Everest and when I hit the ground...I was on the floor of my bedroom. I'd fallen about two feet. That's it.
When I was older, I had a dream that I fell off this tall ladder at work. I worked retail for about five years to make my car payments and there was this 30 foot ladder that I used to change the signs that hung from the ceiling. I never really thought I'd fall off the ladder but it was always in the back of my mind. Do I fall on top of the metal rack? Do I chance landing on my feet in the aisle? Of course I never got to change a sign in the pillow department. That'd be too easy an escape. But I had this dream that I fell off that ladder and landed on the top of the rack.
I don't care for falling.

But then again...once you've fallen...what can you do?
Might as well just go with it.
So I've fallen.
Not off a ladder or off Everest.
But I've fallen.
And I kinda like it.

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