Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Another adventure

I've never been particularly fit. When I was a kid, I played some kid sports, but after that, I just got into singing and acting. I didn't care for running, still don't actually, and I've had a difficult time finding the motivation to really do something about it.
I've always been rather successful at what I put my mind to, but none of those things involved being physical. Most of it involved sitting at a computer and the amount of exercise that brings is nil.
When I moved to New York, I was surrounded by thin, fit, beautiful people. I couldn't have felt more out of place. Yes, I did lose some weight because of all the walking and that was great, but ultimately it was only one belt notch smaller and I needed to go down 5 or 6 notches.
Determined to find my way in a new place and reinvent myself in the process, I drastically changed my diet. I didn't have money for a gym membership but I knew I could control what I ate. I lost 45 pounds over the period of a few months and I was feeling great about myself. I wasn't there yet, but I knew I had hit a milestone. Down a pant and a shirt size. I hadn't been this size since high school.
Over the last year, I learned how to keep it off and stay where I was. But it came time to kick it into gear again and go the rest of the way. This time, not just the diet had to change. I had to...join the gym.
I figured out it was possible but when I figured that out, I got mono. That set me back about a month but I'm pleased to say it has begun. 
And I feel great about it.
It's a change, it's something new, and it's something I'm not entirely comfortable with. But that's what life is. It's a series of new and sometimes uncomfortable things that either build us up in a way we didn't know we needed or tear parts of us down that needed trimming.
I'm excited for this adventure. Change, it is a-comin. 

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