Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The perks

Rarely does a film affect me in the way that "The Perks of Being A Wallflower" affected me. Actually, I can remember the last time a film affected me in this way and that was in 2001. That film was "Life As A House."
I tend to gravitate toward films that successfully tell a part of my story, which makes sense. Filmmakers are trying to tell stories that we can relate to. But every now and then, a film tells a part of our story so completely and so thoroughly, we'd be foolish to take pause. Wallflower was that for me.
I've always said that the silly Melissa Joan Hart movie "Drive Me Crazy" was the story of my high school and while I still believe that through-and-through, I think Wallflower more accurately depicts an aspect of my high school experience. Not so much just in the main character, but in pieces of the other characters as well. The funny thing about it is that I didn't know that going into the movie. I haven't read the book so I didn't know. I just knew the trailer was perfect and I want to support Hermoine...er...Emma Watson in her post-Potter roles. Cut to me, a crumpled heap in the movie theater seat, sobbing through the credits.
I love when art makes us feel. Tabloid culture has us in this desensitized state where we are perpetually escaping reality. True art makes us feel something and art that permeates our shell is something to take pause in, like I did during the credits of this film. We should allow ourselves to be moved in that way by films. I'm trying to make more time for that in my life. It's something I neglected for far too long. 
And just so we're clear. "Drive Me Crazy" is awesome. There isn't a discussion about that.

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