Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The playground

Living in New York is a lot like attending a large liberal arts college. There are always new experiences, opportunities and expressions of life around you that are completely backward from how you grew up. Everywhere you turn, political protests, group meetings ripe for the attending, concerts at places that were before unheard of and the local bar hosting karaoke on Thursdays with half-price booze all clamor for our attention. Sometimes, I feel like a perpetual freshman, trying to navigate my way through a city that has a seemingly never-ending bulletin board of things to do.
In the same breath, being a perpetual freshman in New York also presents the hope of things yet unseen and experiences yet unhad. Walking down the street isn't just walking down the street here, it's an allowance for adventure. The 'unknown' caramelizes into anticipation for something we don't even know exists yet, which makes our days sweeter.
That hopeful anticipation is something we should never leave behind, because when we do, this will just be a big city rather than what it actually is: a playground for freshmen.

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