Saturday, August 18, 2012

Keep walking...

Last year, it was right around this time, when I knew something was going to change in my life. I felt the stirring in my soul, in the innermost parts of my being, that something was going to change. So I started walking.
That's actually what I started doing.
I started walking.
After work, I would just start walking through the city, listening to whatever music felt right at that moment and at whatever point in my walk that I felt the inner release, that's when I would get on the train. Sometimes that was 10 blocks and sometimes that was 40 blocks.
I've felt a change coming and so tonight, I walked. I walked 50 blocks actually.
It's amazing the amount of clarity that brings me. Not only is it great to wander through this city at night, but it's freeing to walk without aim or destination, listening to music you love.
So something's coming. I don't know what it is. But until I find out, I'm just going to continue walking.

As silly as this might be to some people, I found myself thinking about this video. I wish I could say I was thinking about this story in general, but alas, no. I was thinking about singing peas. See, they sing about how the little vegetables should keep walking around the wall of Jericho, taunting them and telling them they won't be able to knock it down. But what the peas didn't understand was that it wasn't about the vegetables to knock the wall down.
So while that's only tangentially related, I feel like the change that is coming is representative of that wall falling down. So I'll keep walking, no matter what anyone might say, and allow myself to be open and receptive to whatever that change is. After all, the version of me that sits here this year and the version that sat here a year ago are completely different..and I love that.
(Fast forward to minute 21 on the video to see the song I'm talking about.)

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