Saturday, August 4, 2012

Doing the wrath

Wrath of the Titans was not completely terrible. I mean, it was no where near great, and a lot of the special effects looked as if they were created for the first Harry Potter movie, but I do feel like there was one very redeeming moment.
Perhaps it's because I'm in the Olympic spirit, so anything about people having the ability to rise up above insurmountable odds makes me feel all warm and enables me to self-Oprah-fy my life.
I was watching this movie to enjoy a calm day doing nothing. It's hot outside and I don't really want to be wandering around in it. Sometimes, we don't want anything deep, we just want something fun that will entertain us for a short amount of time. Then, as the heroes of the story were pleading with one of the god-like characters in the movie, the token blonde warrior princess says, "I'm sorry you think that being human is not enough. But we humans have the power to hope when there's no hope, and we believe when to believe is idiotic. And sometimes, in spite of everything, we prevail."
Cut to Ryan having a moment.
Here's what's so funny to me about it. This is just the kind of line that Aaron Sorkin shoves down our throats each week in The Newsroom, making us feel like he's brilliant and that it's the best show on TV (it's not). But when this gal said it, I thought, that pretty much sums up everything the Olympics have been showing us over the past week.
So in that respect, I enjoyed Wrath of the Titans. It didn't change me like, say, The Lorax did (judge all you want, it's lovely and made me happy in a way few films have), but it was enjoyable for an afternoon and aptly coupled with the Olympics I'm watching in the background, I walked away inspired. Even if it's in a pseudo-Sorkin way.

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