Friday, August 24, 2012


This morning, at 8:57, I walked into the McDonalds across from the Empire State Building to get the 2-for-$4 deal. See, it's a McMuffin and since I'm not eating carby things, I just throw the bread away and eat the egg and sausage. I did this yesterday too. It's about a block from my office, it's on the route I walk every morning from the 1 train to the office.
This morning, at 9:02, I know that because I actually did look at my watch this morning to see if I was on time, (clearly I wasn't), I walked out of McDonalds and down the block to my office to start my day.
This morning, at 9:07, someone started shooting people in front of the Empire State Building, where I was not five minutes before.

Yesterday, I posted on Facebook about how I was thankful for the people in my life. I meant it then. I mean it now as well. There are all those sayings about how we should 'live for today' and 'life's too short' and we 'never know when it could be over' and all that. Do we need anymore proof of that? People are shooting people around the country like we are all part of some sadistic game of Duck Hunt, all the while, politicians are arguing that civilians having guns is some sort of human right. Meanwhile, while you all argue about this, people continue to die needlessly.

What's most upsetting to me is that none of this makes any sense. It doesn't make sense for people to get shot outside a building on their way to work. It doesn't make sense why this nation hasn't woken up, looked at the stats from other countries that don't allow guns, and followed suit. It doesn't make sense.
Today is a weird day. Everyone in our office has commented on it. It was weird before people were shot and it's weirder after. I'm just going to continue to trust. And believe. And know that I don't have the answers but I have faith in who does.

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