Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The 4th reason

Tonight is why I moved to New York.
Of course I love the theatre. Of course I love the pace. Of course I love this big ol' city. But tonight is why I actually moved to New York.
It's the 4th of July and for me, that's always been a big family holiday for me and I can guarantee that no one celebrates the 4th like the Brinsons do. But since I'm not flush with cash to fly home in the middle of the work week to eat queso and burgers, I have to start creating my own 4th memories.
When I moved to New York, I had this idea of what it might be. It was an idea born from TV shows and movie scripts but tonight, I lived all of those fictional things.
What began as a small group of my friends getting together ended up being the perfect night. An apartment that opened up to the rooftop, people from all over the country, grilling food and a flawless sunset in the city I love the most. So while that may have seemed like the opening of Cloverfield, it was real.
Then, something happened. As we sat on roof, watching the fireworks explode over the Hudson, new friends and old from all walks of life, we began to reflect on the country we live in. We talked about how blessed we are to live in a nation, and specifically in a city, where we have freedom. We don't live in a perfect country. We don't even really live in a unified country. But we do live in a free country. Free to live where we want to. Free to do what we want to do for a living. Free to love who we want to. A free country.
I've long known that the small things in life are the most meaningful and tonight, that again proved true. An evening with new friends, overlooking the city, engaged in conversation that matters and having a truly wonderful time. That's why I moved to New York.

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