Monday, May 7, 2012

In Like

A friend of mine is in love. Though, all he'll say is that he's "in like." But that's just an over-cautious way of saying he fell fast, fell hard and is in that inescapable muddy trench we call love. It's amazing to me how the one thing we all aspire to have in our lives, love, is sometimes the hardest to admit we've stumbled into.
I love love. I love seeing people in love. I love watching it blossom and become something tangible. It's infectious isn't it? You see people in love, you see it working, and you can't help yourself but to want to have that as well. Even the most solitary and independent people aren't immune. It's amazing.
With all the hatred in the world, seeing someone in love can silently but almost tangibly change our perception on our state of affairs. And this isn't in some sort of strange, voyeuristic way. It's honestly makes me happy to see people happy and in love. And though love is of course total agony as Love Actually so adequately points out, it's also the most wonderful thing in the world.
I feel like love and possibility go hand in hand and right now, I feel full of possibility. I'm not in love. I'm not even in like. But I am full of possibility which I think means something.

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