Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Happy peppy people

If you've read anything on here, you're aware that I consider my work on the magazine to be my passion project and my occupation. But I do have a "real job" that pays the bills, I just don't write about it very often because I try to keep work and personal life separate.
Having said that, a recent development at work has given me cause to bridge the gap.
My co-workers have begun to poke fun at me because "you're the happiest person we've ever met" and "you're so happy all the time." This isn't the first time someone has told me that either.
At first I didn't really think a whole lot about it. Yes, I'm a happy peppy person. I'm basically a walking advertisement for Vitameatavegamin. That's true. But now that it's being broadcast how happy I am, it's made me think about it and I realized, they're so right. I'm so upbeat most of the time. Is there a Boy Scout badge for that because I think I deserve a retro-active badge. Does that make me an Eagle Scout now?
Can we talk for a second about Eagle Scouts? I get it. They did a great many things, learned a lot and did some sort of project to help humanity. But are they really a cut above the rest of us? I think they're portrayed that way and it kinda bothers me.  
Beginning of rant:
When I was in Boy Scouts all those years ago, there was this high school guy that was a leader in our troop and on his way to his Eagle. But he was a complete ass. A narcissistic, self-serving, compassionless ass. Yet when he got that award, people lauded him with praise, talked about how he was such a leader and was going to change the world. But what does that matter if you're a miserable human being?
Rant complete.
So apart from the random ranting about the bad seeds of the Boy Scouting program or a Kardashian, I'm such a happy person. And the fact that other people notice it, to the point of making mention of it to me, is thrilling. That's how I want to be perceived. I don't want to be known as someone that's mean and surly. I want to be known as someone that brightens people's days.
Hearing that doesn't give me a big head either. It's like a quiet reminder that I'm doing something right in the world. When so many things can fall apart in life, if you're brightening someone's day, you're doing something right. Right?

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