Tuesday, February 21, 2012


When I was a kid, we would go to the video store almost every week and rent movies to watch. Long before the days of iTunes, Hulu, Kazaa or Red Box, we had to actually haul ourselves up to a store and go through walls of VHS tapes to find something to watch. 
I have always remembered this very specific special that I watched over and over and for a long time, I couldn't really place what it was. So often, we forget the context of things as we get older and remember only the shell of a memory. But as I've learned how to properly waste time on the internet, I stumbled on this special again and it brought me back to when I was seven years old.
All I remembered was that all my favorite cartoon characters were in the same movie. What I didn't understand was that this was an anti-drug campaign that aired simultaneously on all the major networks, thus the inclusion of so many competing company's animated stars.
This got me thinking about teamwork and the lack thereof today. The only time when we see teamwork on television is after some sort of terrible disaster and it's only then that the networks work together and the celebrities join forces. But what about other issues facing society? Do we only need teamwork when there's a natural disaster or terrorist attack? Why not work together at other times too?
The thing that I loved about this video was that all my favorites were there and I knew that was not normal. Perhaps that why I love a good film montage now or a group cover of a magazine. There's something awesome about seeing so many separate and seemingly competing entities together.
I like teamwork and in a time when our country is so utterly divided, it's a good reminder that working together is the only real way to make things happen. It's become so taxing watching the politics of our nation during the past few years. The polarized viewpoints of right and left, red and blue, this and that, don't seem to waver or budge at all. Even when they can't defend why they vote or believe the way they do, no one is budging. People have forgotten that working together is the only way anything will ever happen.
So perhaps we should learn more from Winnie the Pooh, Bugs Bunny and Alvin and the Chipmunks when it comes to working together. Rather, we should learn from the network executives (real people) that chose to work together to bring about change in young people. They are who have inspired me today.

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