Sunday, February 12, 2012

The junior high dance

No one wants to go back to middle school. Not a single person on the Earth, with the possible exception of Billy Gilman, no one wants to revisit that period of our lives. Nothing went right, nothing seemed fair, we hated everything about ourselves and consider those the "lost years" of our lives.
Tonight was like being in middle school again.
If I could use junior high terms to describe tonight: It was like going to the dance with your friends, they show up late, the prom king and queen break up right before their first dance, then the dance itself manages to be moderately fun until you realize you've been ditched by all your friends and you're standing alone wondering whether or not you should even go to the after-party. That was my night tonight. And it sucked.
I hate when you have such high hopes for something and it just collapses in front of you like a skyscraper in a Michael Bay movie. The building and all the people in it don't stand a chance.
So, just like in junior high, I went home and watched television. Luckily, much like in junior high, SNL was there to bail me out of my night.
I hated junior high and tonight, I hated it all over again.
Here's to graduating to tomorrow.

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