Monday, January 9, 2012


If you aren't from New York, the subway is this fun thing that gets you from place to place when you visit the city. It's an inseparable part of the ambiance of the city. When you actually live here, it becomes very commonplace and at times, the bane of your existence.
But I enjoy the train usually, mostly because I'm always so fascinated by the shoes people wear. I spend most of my ride looking up and down the train car I'm in and seeing all the different shoes people are wearing. I'm not sure why I think that's interesting but I do.
Part of the reason tourists like the subway is because of the "interesting" people they see on it. Of course, "interesting" is just a substitute word for "crazy" and it's true, there are crazy people. My favorite this is when seemingly normal people blitz out and become crazy.
Case in point. Last night, I'm headed home from dinner with friends in another part of town. I'm listening to music and staring at shoes when I realize that I can't see this guy's shoes because his pants have dropped to his ankles. Awesome. Turns out, his girlfriend was cold in her tiny skirt so he was taking off his pants so she could wear them and be warm. True story. So as she pulls off her skirt and puts on his pants, he was left standing there in his boxers. Not just any boxers either. He was standing there in his Family Guy boxers someone bought him from Target that has Stewie's giant head on his ass. And as he laughed about it (and let's be honest, I laughed too), I just thought, only in New York would someone do that on public transportation.
So I like the subway, even though it can be obnoxious at times. Last week, I got on the train and there was a particularly pleasant train driver. I mean, he was the happiest individual and he clearly loved his job. He was so clear about what he was saying and pleasant about it. But what got me was, we were waiting inbetween two stops because of "train traffic ahead of us" and he comes on the intercom to make sure we knew what was going on, to let us know what the next stop was, and to give us a gentle (albeit metaphorical) chuck on the chin by telling us "No matter the destination, happiness is the way."
Not only did I smile but so did other people on the train. That was a moment that he gave us. A small reminder to take a moment to remember to be happy and not frustrated.
Just another reason why I love this city. Just when you think things suck so epically because you're stuck between two train stops, you're reminded to be happy...and you become that way.

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