Sunday, January 29, 2012

A true friend...

Sometimes, all it takes to jolt us back into the right rhythm of thinking is the right person at the right moment. I feel that way today especially.
People come in and out of our lives and I think we find ourselves most lucky when we realize that, for some reason, after a long period of time, someone is still a part of our life in a vital way. So much of our time is spent interacting with acquaintances: coworkers, random friends-of-a-friend, people who might matter a lot in the moment but have no real staying power in the long run. But since life is nothing but the people who are in it, it's a real joy to be reminded of the people that matter and why they continue to matter.
I love friendships that last years. I especially love friendships that last years and last over thousands of miles. To me, those are the highest treasures on earth. Money goes away, cars break down, clothes go out of style and apartments become dated. But a friend that weathers both time and distance? There's nothing like it.
I am blessed to have a life full of treasure in that way, and today I was reminded again of the importance of the wonder that is friendship. It's this intangible entity that transcends ideal and conviction and goes deeper than similarity and hobbies.
I think it's because of this intersection today that I've been jolted back to where I've needed to be. The importance of having the conversations that need to be had, talking freely about things that are important and  disagreeing, knowing that the love that's there is strong enough to keep us from tearing apart. It's that reminder of what's important that burns away all the fluff that clutters our view of the world. For me, it shook off everything that needed shaking.
Life can get muddled, and even in the best way, life can get muddled. I take on too much, I clutter my plate with people and things that are all, to me, great things. But it can just become too much and even when I take a break from all those things, the remnants of them remain in my mind and it's all to easy to become burdened by just the thought of them.
Today, a friend of over a decade and thousands of miles was able to snap that back into perspective, clear the clutter and bring my focus back to center. For this, I am both thankful and in his debt. But that's the great thing about true and deep friendship: there's no score to keep.

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