Saturday, January 7, 2012

The cult of TTH

At first, I thought this picture was going to leave me speechless. I mean, I thought for sure there would be nothing I could say about this. 
But I was wrong. There is something that we can learn from this photo. More than being the epitome of the ridiculousness that is the music industry/the current state of "celebrity"/everything about Will Smith's family - this photo represents the cult of TTH. That's right. The cult of Trying Too Hard.
On the surface what we see in this picture is the lil alien that is Willow Smith, pretending not to care about the photographer that is snapping her photo and wearing a borrowed wig from the Nicki Minaj collection as she "casually shops with friends in L.A." But underneath that, what we see in this photo is a misguided girl that has been pimped out by her family, trying desperately to make headlines on the evening entertainment shows and being surrounded by publicity leeches that probably wouldn't go anywhere with anyone wearing that cotton candy on their head...except they were smart enough to know they'd also be in those photographs and their rich producer/lawyer/Jewish parents will be thrilled to see them in US Weekly. 
This is the cult of TTH. Rather than producing music that's solid and allowing that to work for her, she's decided to wear that on her bobble-head and pander for publicity. This shows desperation. This shows need for attention. This shows an utter lack of confidence on who she actually is. 
We all know people who are members of the cult of TTH. It's amazing to me how many people live their life trying to be someone they're not, trying to deny something they shouldn't be denying and ultimately chasing after in-authenticity with all their energy. It's not worth it. It's just not worth it. 
So if you subscribe to the cult of TTH, you're in the same company as Willow Smith. That's not a good thing. Try being you. One day, after she's out of the inevitable rehab stints and therapy from year of her parents whoring her out to the media, she will join you. 

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