Friday, January 6, 2012


It's that time. Time for resolutions. I don't really care for resolutions. I prefer to call them determinations. So, I thought about my life, what's missing, what's not missing and where I could go in 2012. I am quite passionate about what I came up with. And really, this could be the last year any of us make resolutions right? I mean, if what they say about 2012 is correct, then these better be some good ones.

I want to finish what I started. That transcends mere weight loss and encompasses the magazine as well. Ever since my father made me finish playing football in seventh grade because of the principle of "finishing what you started," I've been cursed by it. I did well in 2011 to slim down. Really well actually. Now, we finish what we started.

I want to meet someone that changes my life. You can read into that statement all you want, and really, anyway you read it is applicable. I have met people in this past year that have changed my life, perhaps not in a romantic way but in other ways. So this year, I want to meet someone that changes my life.

I want to do something I've never done before. I live in a city of opportunity. Anything can happen here and that's why I love it so much. What I really want to do is something I've never done before. How about something I've never even thought I'd get to do? That would be a fun unknown. I do like the unknown.

I want to do something that involves falling. Whether that means falling in love, falling with a bungee cord or falling on that trapeze thing from Sex and the City, I want to do something that involves falling. I usually don't enjoy falling, so I kinda want to do that.

I want to grow. I know we all want to mature and grow but there are some very specific parts of my life that I would like to see some changes in and I'm going to be working on them. Kinda like how people will isolate certain muscles so they'll look just right? Like that but with life.

I want to become a Taylor Swift fan. You read that correctly. With all the hoopla about her being in the Les Miz film, it's been really fun to watch everyone freak out about it. I don't have anything invested in Les Miz, it didn't really do it for me, so what do I care who sings in it? Plus this has the added element of the fact that she's not a great singer. A great songwriter for sure, but singer? No. So I want her to come out there and prove everyone wrong. I want her to kill it. And if and when she does, I will be a fan. (because you know I'm not currently)

So those are my determinations. Bring on 2012.

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