Friday, December 23, 2011

Thankful (not just the name of a Kelly Clarkson song)

Tis the Season to be thankful so here's my list of what I'm thankful for as we head toward a new year, a fresh start and new dreams to be realized.

I'm thankful for express trains, for BLEEP Magazine and for the Hershey's Kisses Christmas commercials.
I'm thankful for gum that tastes like mint chocolate chip, that I've given up on Glee and for beautiful people on the subway.
I'm thankful for walking around New York after midnight, long conversations with no boundaries and the escaped Bronx Zoo snake's Twitter account.
I'm thankful for the new Coke machines with vanilla Coke Zero in them, the ability to not wear clothes from H&M not because they don't fit but because they are ugly and for epic nights out in the city with friends.
I'm thankful for the excitement between the plane landing and the Love Actually moments at baggage claim, for XM Radio stations and for driving down the Tollway while listening to them.
I'm thankful for End-of-Year lists, for Christmas cartoons and for tex-mex.
I'm thankful for puppies sleeping in my bed, for coat weather and for text messages.

In conclusion, I'm really thankful for the reboot we get each year and our ability to start over. I don't live a very dramatic existence but there's something about the new year that just lets you have a mental reboot. So I'm thankful for the reboot, for Florence and the Machine and for dating someone I think is fascinating. I'm thankful for the Star-Bellied Sneetches, for the song 'Rhythm is a Dancer' and for the existence of Katy Perry. I'm thankful for opportunity, for the unknown and for the possibility the future brings. I'm thankful for my family that loves me no matter what. I'm thankful for my friends that stick with me though I'm moderately obnoxious, too positive and overly excited about the seemingly insignificant things in life. I'm thankful for a shrinking waistline, for Red Vines and for salsa that's so good you can drink it.
These are the things I'm thankful for this Christmas. Here's to a great year and an even greater 2012.

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