Friday, December 9, 2011


I wake up this morning and turn on the TV to see there's a figure skating competition on. Fun.
So I'm watching the guys skate around. Being an avid Olympic fan, I feel there's always an excuse to watch figure skating - but I had a problem. I'm watching the last skater skate and he fell down twice. Not only that, but he didn't complete all of his jumps. Then he won.
Now listen, I still think what he did was amazing. I certainly couldn't do that. But, if you are going to win by making all those mistakes, then I feel like that sets a pretty low precedent. Maybe I could do that actually.
I've been told that it has everything to do with a certain scoring system and whatever, but all I can see is the guy in second place skating perfectly and the guy who won first fell down twice. Isn't the point of the sport to show all the wonderful things you can do while on the skates?
I feel like people should be rewarded for being at the top of their field. I do. But I do not think people should be rewarded for mediocrity. The entire reality TV genre is composed of people being rewarded for mediocrity. Not the competition shows, but the 'follow-you-around-with-a-camera' shows are all rewarding the bad behavior and questionable life choices made by pseudo-celebrities that have no merit or anything to offer the world. Yes they are rewarded with book deals, bigger paychecks and magazine covers.
I just want people to warrant the praise they receive. The ice skater did not deserve to win. He fell twice. A 'Real Housewife' or a Kardashian deserves nothing because they did nothing to earn it.
I don't want to be like that. I want what I do in life to be important and full of substance. I strive to live a life of substance. A life of loyalty. A life of giving. A life of communicating. A life of judging people who wear ugly things in public. A life of judging people who wear ugly things in private. A life of substance.

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