Wednesday, November 2, 2011

You may say I'm a dreamer

I'm a dreamer. I've never hidden that and I wear it proudly.
Yesterday, the new issue of my magazine came out and it's always so exciting. Today, I and the magazine were featured on my college's alumni website and I think for the first time, it settled within me what I was doing.
I've known that I was doing something cool and something that not a lot of other people have done. I've known that people read it and like it. I've known that it's brought me such fulfillment personally and brought other people who write for it fulfillment as well. But I think today was the first time that I saw anything said about it that really showed me the scope of what's really going on.
I imagine this is what performers must feel like when their hometown newspaper writes a story about them when they have their first big break. There's somewhat of a novelty about having your hometown write about you and toot your horn so to speak. It puts a few things into perspective. That perspective will sit heavy within me for a while I think. I mean that in a good way as opposed to a wanna-vomit-and-die way.
So it goes without saying that I'm excited and thrilled that people are getting to see the magazine. I'm excited that they're getting to see all the work that went into it from all the different people who did the work and I'm excite do share with them what my passion is. I don't feel like we often get the chance to really share our passion with people directly. I think we indirectly show people what we're passionate about, but not too often is it spelled out there in black and white.
So it's been a good couple of days. 
Go Team Monica.

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