Sunday, November 27, 2011

A week of giving thanks

 This is how I started my Thanksgiving holiday on Wednesday and I just don't care.

 Central Park is so beautiful.

 My best Ruth showing off at dinner.

 I'd never had one of the cocktails that has cotton candy in it and they pour everything on top of it - now I have and it was worth the wait.

 I love New York at Christmas.

The "6" hotel. Profound for a myriad of reasons. 

 I don't have much Christmas decor up in my apartment yet, but I sure do have my leg lamp night light in the kitchen.

 Because you never know what you will see scribbled on a subway wall in the village.

 Why not have brunch at a jazz cafe?

 The tree in the park by my house is lit again. I'm still convinced that the rats and pigeons put the lights up like the rodents make the dress in Cinderella.

Saw some movies, saw a play, had time with friends, went out and lived life. All without ever setting my alarm and sleeping as much as I wanted. Success.

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