Sunday, October 16, 2011

The weekend that was

 The weekend started with a much-belated and much-tear-inducing package from my Lisa. 10 things that everyone needs...or maybe just me.

 Part of the promotional push for the new season of The Walking Dead was to have zombies hand out free cupcakes in Madison Square Park. Cue Ryan wandering the streets looking for zombies.

 Found them.

 Complete with zombie gummy fingers.

 A great thing about Halloween being such a big deal in the size superheros outside of all the costume shops.

 Don't act like this isn't hysterical. It's not that the skeletons at the Museum of Sex are having sex, it's that they are having throw-your-head-back-and-scream-sex. And in the window no less.

 A gift from a coworker - caffeine shots for our coffee.

 The window display at Dylan's Candy Bar - gravestones made of gummy...eggs.

 For my mother and my sister. If I could justify spending TWENTY DOLLARS on a small plush Angry Bird, I'd send them to you.

 We sure did get those cupcakes and even one for the dog.

 Pumpkin cupcake that tasted like my mom's pumpkin bread.

 Random apple sculpture I found in the city. Wouldn't be the last apple I would find this weekend actually.


 Of course my best friend's parents are in the Baylor Homecoming magazine. Of course they are.

 The second apple - this time in a life size elephant sculpture.

 Steve Jobs memorials on the tops of cabs.

 The single most terrifying thing on the subway - this pink-backpack-happy-pikmin-demon.

I'm not sure why there are sheep in the park in my neighborhood...but there are. And they must be important because they're up on pedestals.

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