Saturday, October 29, 2011


I talk a lot about the television I watch and how this show is superior to that show or that "celebrity" should be voted off the metaphorical pop culture island. Today, it's been snowing in Manhattan and as lovely as it is to look at, it's not the most fun to be out in. So, I spent some time clearing out my DVR and watching random shows I found on my hard drive. 

 Has Britney ever looked so beautiful as she does in her new Criminal video? I don't think so. Not only that, but she seems like she's got it together. Yes, it's just a music video but if you watch one of her videos from her...uh...lost years...this is a night and day difference. I believe that our pop stars should be beautiful. There are more talented singers on Broadway, but they don't ever seem to become pop stars anymore (no matter how hard Kristin Chenoweth tries to), so since our pop stars can't really sing like that, they need to look pretty.

 You know I don't care for Southpark. It doesn't do it for me. Sure, there are funny elements to it, but so often, I think it's just crass for the sake of being crass and not creative. Having said that, I've seen a handful of episodes recently and again, while I didn't hate them, I'm not becoming a fan or something. Having said THAT, this week's episode was spoofing Broadway shows, so I decided to watch it. The first bit was funny when they spoofed the shows, but after that, I was pretty much done with it. That's when I realized that the parts I thought were funny were the parts that reminded me the most of bits Family Guy would do...

...Enter Family Guy. I'm watching a random episode and what happens but the doo-wap singers from Little Shop of Horrors enter with Rick Moranis. You know I love a full-circle moment, even if I'm the only one the moment matters to. (I'm usually the only one that moments like that matter to honestly, and I'm okay with that.)

So then I felt like I needed to watch Little Shop to self-perpetuate the full-circle moment I was currently experiencing. I do realize that all of this must sound like a lot of inflated boredom, but there's something alright with spending a day watching television and fading in and out of consciousness as the snow falls outside the window. That's pop culture poetry my friends.

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