Sunday, October 30, 2011

My favorite book

In one of the more amazing pop culture finds in recent memory, perhaps of all time, I saw someone post something on Twitter about this being the most amazing thing they've ever seen. I have to agree with them.

The Great Gatsby is a classic novel that's been made into a film (did you know that Mia Farrow starring in The Great Gatsby was the very first People Magazine cover ever? It was.) and it's currently being made into a film again. But did you also know that it's a video game?

So I started playing this video game and I have to say, it works just like Mario, except you throw a fedora at butlers and flapper-girls. For real. So yes, that's what I spent my night doing tonight. Playing the video game version of my favorite book. I don't know that many people can say that. I mean, Harry Potter and comic books don't count here. This is about classic novels being turned into video games.
So yes, this is my new obsession. It's a pop culture parallel that you never saw coming. It's something that doesn't make any sense at all but feels so right. I just love the fact that this can exist in the world. I love that we live in a country where there can be a video game version of a tragic American novel.

I mean, if this was possible, what else is possible? The sky is no longer the limit. We are really capable of anything now. This fills me with hope. Hope for tomorrow. Hope for creativity. Hope for the video game versions of Pride and Prejudice, War and Peace and if we're lucky, The Boxcar Children.

You really need to check out this game. You can play it on this website and I encourage you to do so. Just think, it'll be like reading except with more technology and extra lives involved. The Kindle version of the book has nothing on this game. Nothing!

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