Friday, October 7, 2011

Life goals addendum

I have many life goals. I want to cause a scene, I want to hear Toni Braxton sing "Unbreak My Heart" live, I want see the pyramids, etc. But I didn't realize until today that I need to add something to that list. Yes, I am adding "Have a statue of myself commissioned and put in a public space."
Arnold has inspired me. Perhaps you've seen this in the news, but the Arnold commissioned a statue of himself to be placed in front of the house he grew up in. See, now that house is a shrine to Arnold, a museum of sorts that people can go through and take photos with life-sized figures of him and bask in the glory that is Arnold.
I think I should add that to my list of things I want in my life. Maybe not the shrine though. I don't think there is anything people would find terribly interesting about my childhood. I mean, you'll be able to read about it in my memoir one day and when you do, it will sound wildly fascinating. But there aren't necessarily artifacts from that time period that would warrant a museum.
But the statue thing I can totally get behind. I've already started brainstorming what my statue would look like, what I'd be wearing, would it be bronze or stone? Perhaps it would be shiny silver like the Andy Warhol statue. And where would I want it? Probably in New York somewhere but I'm not sure where. My favorite place in the park doesn't have a statue there but that's kinda why it's my favorite place. The human traffic isn't as high as in places that have monuments.
But then again, if I have a statue of myself, chances are, I'm too famous at that point to have time to walk around the park all that much, so maybe I should put it at the top of the waterfall in my place in the park. Then, it would have the added metaphor of bringing life through the constant water fall. Either that or it would be like I was continuously peeing on New York. Not quite sure what to think.
I have time, that's the good thing. But I'll start with some sketches and hopefully they will be just as ridiculous as this man who commissioned statues of himself as a part of his mid-life-crisis-cheated-on-my-wife-separated-from-her-wish-I-wasn't-an-ass moment.

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