Thursday, October 13, 2011


Gross National Happiness.
That's a thing. Did you know that? How did I miss this?
The nation of Bhutan, under the reign of King Jigme Khesar Namgyal Wangchuck, keeps tabs on the happiness of the people of Bhutan. I just love that. I also love that I will never be able to pronounce his name. Not now, not ever. Except his last last name. I've got Wangchuck on lock. Sounds like it should be on the back of a Canadian hockey jersey.

I learned about this because the King just got married this morning and while I was watching the news coverage about it, I was struck with something. These people are fascinating. They went to college in London, he's the youngest reigning monarch on the planet and he kinda looks like an Asian Elvis. Then there's his new queen - she's stunning and they spent the day of their wedding out and about meeting all the people who came to witness it. Now that's just cool.

I should add them to my fantasy dinner party and sit them across the table from Prince William and Kate Middleton. But not too close to Oprah because she'll just talk to them the entire time and won't have witty conversation with me and Jennifer Lopez. See, when planning your fantasy dinner party, you have to think things through. If Jennifer Lopez sits next to Post and Becks, then they're going to talk the entire time and completely leave me out. And if you sit Britney next to Prince William, they're going to talk the entire time because he's a fan. But I suppose all of this is moo since no one will be paying attention to anyone once Celine comes in to sing an "impromptu" song.

Anyway - this new king. I'm loving them and their happiness index. Perhaps other countries should also have one...except maybe not in America. Most folks aren't too happy right now. Maybe we don't need an index because we're all so interconnected through TV and the internet. Bhutan JUST got television twelve years ago. Twelve. So they're on the up and up. Here's hoping for a long marriage and much happiness, which I'm sure we will be able to gauge in their Gross National Happiness report.

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