Sunday, September 25, 2011

Watch what happened

 It's fall people. Time for fall-flavored coffees.

 Not having ever been inside the fortress that is the Empire State Building, I will admit that I felt like I was in Mission Impossible.

 So there's this "art" installation in the park in my neighborhood that involves mirrors and the history of Hamilton Heights. It's a bit strange.

 Sister Act was kinda wonderful for a myriad of reasons.

 The view from the stage afterward.

 Puppies in the dog park!

 Cobu - this Japanese drum performance that was kinda rad.

 A little gourmet grilled cheese for lunch after the show.

Guys night - passing by a restaurant that has the leg lamp in the window!!!

 Because my Baylor Bears are on a winning streak!

A pretty little community garden in my neighborhood.

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