Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Think, think, think

A commercial on television just told me we have 3000 thoughts a day. 
I thought that was a really high number and then when I started thinking about it, I thought, well, I'm currently thinking about thinking and now I'm thinking about how this sounds like an Ellen monologue, which has segued in to me thinking that maybe 3000 thoughts a day is a low number.
But what if you are thinking about one thing consistently? Does that count as more than one thought? Does duration matter? What if I think about something else and then return to my original thought? Does thinking about something twice constitute an addition to my daily thought count? I'm not sure.
Having said all of that, I've been thinking a lot lately. There's quite a lot to think about I'd say. Do you ever have times like that? I think those are scary times. 
When we have time to really sit and think, we have time to over-analyze and make a big deal of things that probably aren't. That's never a good thing. We're taught when we're younger that we should stop and think things through, but when we get older, those rules don't always apply really. Sometimes, we just need go with our gut. Thinking isn't always the wisest decision.
So while we may think something like 3000 thoughts a day, I personally am going to try to think less. Now I'm thinking about thinking less, which is interesting because that's adding to my thought count for the day, which has been abnormally high anyways. Strange really. Now I'm thinking about how strange that is. 
This entire blog was counterproductive to thinking not being the wisest decision. 

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