Monday, September 26, 2011

Thank God

As I was lying in bed last night, I thanked God so a great many things in my life, and while I don't feel like I need to tell the world about everything that God and I talk about, the frequency of our spiritual coffee-talks or the duration of said chats, we are entering the fall season and that starts getting me thinking about the things I'm thankful for.
I'm thankful that I wake up everyday in the city I love. I don't have to question why I'm here, I don't have to wish I lived somewhere else. I am exactly where I've wanted to be for so many years. To me, that's awesome.
I'm thankful that my family is always available. No, we don't live in the same place any longer, but I don't feel any further away from them today as I did when I was in college. Which leads me to thanking God for the technology to be able to communicate with them.
I'm thankful that no matter what's going on, how we disagree or how busy we are, I have my people. Time and distance really put a heavy weight on a friendship and the longer that strain is there, the more you realize how strongly bonded you are or how loosely fastened you were. Turns out, we're a pretty strong bunch.
I'm thankful for the people in my life that speak fluent Muppet.
I'm thankful for BLEEP Magazine. I realize that it's my creation and all, but as it's gotten bigger and bigger, I've become more and more thankful for it. It's given me a new creative lease on life, it's expanded my horizons more than you can believe and it's been amazing to see other people catch the vision and start running with it. It's become this creative hub and while I may only be the facilitator for that hub, watching people be so creative and have that outlet is truly amazing.
I'm thankful for songs I can listen to on repeat for an entire afternoon.
I'm thankful for new people entering my life and becoming important.
But really, I thank God for the fact that He's got me in a place where I'm happy. Truly happy. All of the above mentioned things stew together to create the place I'm at and it's the right place. No, I don't have enough money, sure there are things that aren't as perfect as they could be. But being truly happy trumps any of those things.
So yeah, this is sappy but being happy can sometimes be sappy. Oh, and on that note, I'm thankful for Slappy...the Squirrel. But God knows that so I don't have to tell Him.

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