Friday, September 2, 2011


"I am like him. I'm a sunny positive person!"
I am!
In certain circles within my family, there is a tendency to be a bit pessimistic. No ill will, but it's the truth. So when I was younger and I started seeing the ugly, complaining, side starting to emerge, I knew I had to squash it. Took some time, and I'll be straight with you, if there's something wrong, I will let you know about it. Yes I will. But I can also say that I, much like Alec Baldwin via Jack Donaghy via Parker from FRIENDS, am a sunny positive person. I've been told that it's a quality that's both infectious and obnoxious to be around.
Now am I a cockeyed optimist? I don't know really but I do know this. Why spend a day feeling down on yourself about something? Why spend a day depressed when you could spend it thinking about all that's great that's going on? Why waste so much time thinking about the cons when the pros are so invigorating? Unlike Parker, I don't care so much about brake lights shining with the lights of a million fairies, I do have moments when I think that the simple things are the most wonderful things in the world. The first tree leaves turning colors make me giddy, the sound of a good three part harmony gives me the chills and the hug from a new friend gives me life. So in that way, I am like Parker a bit.
I'm a sunny positive person dammit and I plan on staying that way. There are far too many good things going on. Far. Too. Many.

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