Sunday, September 11, 2011

Not working for the weekend, LIVING for the weekend

 The weekend started with being bad...

 This is why we walk in New York. Because we could end up walking behind a small man with a flamenco outfit in tow.

 When I was a small child, I was scared of people dressed up as characters. Because of this smurf, I am again.

 Random trip to a theater opening - but I was more interested in the lights inside the space.

 At Lincoln Center, a giant LED wall that was doing all sorts of animated goodness. Probably just a big advertisement for IBM, but still cool.

 Free pants at Fashion Week!

 One of the amazing things about this city. A block from Fashion Week is Farmer Fashion Week.

 Jersey can be pretty at night...kinda.

 The path down from my neighborhood to the water. Kinda awesome.

 Brunch with the gang to celebrate our biggest magazine issue ever.

 And then yes, we were bad again. As Jack Donaghy said, "we're off cupcakes and back to donuts."

I think this picture best encompasses why I love New York. Because you can walk through Columbus Circle and see a ballerina in a costume that lights up, dancing with a domestic and there be no real rhyme or reason for it.
I love New York.

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