Friday, September 30, 2011

Like a child

I felt like a child this morning. A child.
I'm sitting at my desk, minding my own business, listening to Katy Perry sing about hummingbirds and he fire alarm goes off. It was a fire drill in the building.
Now, I haven't been a part of a fire drill since I was in high school, but all I could think about were the fire drills in elementary school, when we'd have to line up, go outside as the alarms echoed down the halls and stand in our lines as we waited. We'd have to cover our ears as we'd walk by the alarms because they were so obnoxiously loud. I bet the alarms aren't that loud anymore these days because somewhere, some idiot parent made a big deal about how the decibel of the alarm was causing her baby child to have hearing problems. Parents these days are out of their minds, naming their children after geographical features and fruit that grows on trees. Ridiculous.
But anyway, I was back in elementary school, except this time I had a smart phone and the ability to go to the new 7-11 on the corner to buy gum.
It's kinda fun to have those childhood flashbacks. I think it reminds you that you didn't just appear as the person you are today. I know we know that about ourselves, but it's moments like that when we remember, 'yeah, I went to that little school and spent time on the playground and summers felt like they were ages long.' It snaps things into perspective and for me, I don't look back on them and wish they were still around. It makes me feel like I've gotten pretty far from those days and seen some of my dreams come true. I think it also reminds me that I certainly have not arrived yet by any means. I've got quite a ways to go to accomplish the dreams I've got. I mean, Britney and I aren't even friends yet.
So I felt like a child today. It was nice to be reminded that the simple things in life are still as relevant today as they were when I was eight years old.
(The photo is actually of my elementary school)

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