Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I'm a 'Broadway Baby'

Last night, I got to go to the opening of Follies on Broadway, my first Broadway opening night. To say that it was a dream come true is kinda an understatment.

First, if you've never been to an opening night of something before, there's just an energy there that isn't present other nights. It's this really cool fusion of anticipation and excitement that creates this really cool stew in the air.
We got there in time to see the red carpet arrivals which is fun because if proves to you who looks like they look on TV right? It also proves that Barry Manilow isn't claymation. He is, in fact, a real person.
We get to our seats and we are fourth row center balcony, literally, the best possible place to be sitting. I had better seats than Barry Manilow to see Follies last night. I was sitting in the Spider-man block of tickets so Green Goblin was sitting next to me. Don't worry, everyone made it out of the theater alive. I kept wanting to lean over and ask him how this compared to the show he does 8 times a week, not in a snarkey way, but they are just completely different shows. I mean, there is of course the fact that Follies was superb and Spider-Man was...uh...
Anyway - it was a fantastic show. Getting to see all of these Broadway legends on the same stage singing their faces off was really something else. It was one of those Broadway nights I will  remember, mostly because of the coupling effect. It was my first opening and as someone who loves people watching more than actually interacting with people, that was thrilling. All the old producers' wives and original Follies cast members were dressed up like this was the biggest night of their lives and I loved it. I think that older women getting all dressed up like they are going to their prom circa 1954 is one of the most adorable things on earth. I wish I had taken my actual camera to capture it.
Lastly, I loved it because the crowd was so enthusiastic that the applause just went on and on. There was such a spirit of camaraderie in the room, with everyone rooting for this show to be great, which it was.And who doesn't love clapping in large groups?
I never really forget a theatre experience anyway, but to be able to be there on opening night was really something I never thought I'd get to do. That may seem silly, but to a boy from Texas who never made it to New York until he was 22, it was just something that once again showed me that following your dreams and your heart can take you places you never thought they could. Well, that and it was the night I found out Barry Manilow wasn't claymation.

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Trina said...

Wow Ryan you had great seats. I did the 2 for one you sent me last week for Lion king with my kids we go next week Sunday but i never did it before so I'm little scared we wont be able to see the show.