Thursday, September 22, 2011

I do it because I have to

I have a confession to make. Though I live in a wildly carb-reduced reality these days, I am currently sitting at my desk eating candy corn.
And it's bad.
I mean it. It's not good.
Have you ever had candy corn before? Of course you have, we all have. And I am here to tell you that no one, not a single one of you, likes the taste of candy corn. You don't. If you'll just dig deep and find that place of inner-honesty, you'll realize that you don't.
We don't eat candy corn because it tastes good. The fact of the matter is, we eat candy corn because it reminds us of the fall season and it reminds us of when we were kids. When you were a kid, you'd eat pretty much any kind of candy. We aren't so discriminatory when it comes to candy when we're young. Sure, our tastes develop, but what's there not to like in candy corn? It's bright yellow and orange, it tastes like pure adrenaline and is the perfect consistency of firm and soft. It's not a gummy bear but it's not Werthers either. Having said that, both gummy bears and Werthers actually have distinct tastes. Candy corn just tastes like...well, candy corn I guess.
But here I sit, eating it, loving every minute of it. Every single minute. There will not be a single piece of candy corn left in this little baggy when I'm done. It could only be worse if it were the candy corn pumpkins. Then we might as well shut the afternoon down because I'm through. It would just be me and my candy corn pumpkins. But again, not because they taste good, because they don't. I'd much rather be eating one of those flavored-tootsie rolls or a small box of Dots. But those can be had year-round right? So we eat candy corn because it serves as the perfect garnish to the fall-feeling. But if you'll think about it, garnishes are rarely meant to be eaten. If You've Got Mail, the perfect fall film, has taught us nothing, it's that eating a garnish is not always appropriate.
So as I finish this mini-bag of candy corn, I'm wondering if this moderately chalky, somewhat nondescript sugar that's crumbling down my throat was worth it. But yeah, it was. It's fall now.

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