Friday, September 23, 2011

Had enough of silly love songs?

I really like love songs and I've written about them fairly recently here, but today, as I'm at work listening to music, I have to ask the question: Where did all the love songs go?
Taylor Swift sings about crushes, GaGa sings about Judas, Britney sings about Criminals but where are the love songs?
Travel back with me, if you will, to a not-so-distant past. A time when Whitney, Mariah and Celine were the only women in music that mattered. The world was full of love songs then. Full to overflowing. Mariah was singing about giving her 'All' for one more night, Celine was singing about the 'Power of Love' and Whitney was 'Always' loving you. I mean, really, it was a love-song-power-hour all the time. Where are the love songs now?
Lady Antebellum sang about 'Need'ing you now but really, that's just a song about drunk dialing, not love. Gaga sang about a 'Bad Romance' but that's the opposite of a love song. Mainstream music is no longer singing about love. We sing about dancing 'Til The World Ends' and being on the 'Edge of Glory," we sing about saying "Bye bye bye" (throwback alert!) or about being "Fergalicious" but not so much about love.
That's sad to me kinda. Maybe we've exhausted what there is to sing about loving someone? I hope not, that doesn't give me much hope for the future. I'd like to continue to believe that humanity has a shred of hope in it.
I mean, my favorite songs are love songs. When Toni Braxton sings to 'Unbreak' her heart or when Bonnie Tyler sings about the 'Total Eclipse' of her heart (I'm big on heart songs apparently) - there's something of substance there. They aren't throw-away songs (I'm talking to you Rihanna singles. Yes, every single one of you).
So I question where the mainstream love songs have gone. There are plenty of B-list music artists that sing love songs, but maybe that's why they remain B-list or stuck in country music? They aren't singing about their humps, disco sticks, or getting the party started. But then again, more people watch the nonsense that is Jersey Shore than watch Community, the best comedy on television. So, since we as a culture are already catering to the lowest common denominator, perhaps the reason we don't have any love songs is because the Jersey Shore crowd isn't able to process a real love song. Though, if the music video starred Snooki, maybe people would watch it. Un-break my heart indeed.

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