Friday, September 9, 2011

Cheerocracy and the power of positivie possibility

I'm sexy.
I'm cute.
I'm popular to boot.

That's right, I'm a cheerleader. It's something I've stumbled upon later in life, but as I grew older and moved further away from the normal age of a cheerleader, I've become one myself.
I don't have pom-poms or a fun little outfit or anything, and I'm not planning on making any sort of campaign for there to be male cheerleaders in the NFL, but I've realized that being a cheerleader is one of my strong suits.
Something I've learned from doing BLEEP is that I really believe in people who are going for their dreams. It's something that I've always been a fan of but just recently started figuring out how to articulate it in a productive manner. It's one thing to believe in people, it's a completely different ballgame to inform them about it.
Sometimes, all we need is a push right? We just need someone to believe in us and I love being that person. I love being the person that cheers you on and knows you can achieve your dreams. And then it's so fulfilling to see those dreams come true. More than anything, I've realized how happy it makes me to see other people happy. It's like this crazy, almost euphoric, positive energy is out there in the world, just needing to be harnessed and funneled in the right direction. It's like there's a power in positive possibility. And I will be that possibility funnel. It feels good to funnel. (that sounds ridiculously raunchy huh? It's not)
This all sounds so wildly optimistic of me and I have to say, that's just how I am these days. And why shouldn't I be? There are too many great things going on. For instance, I found out that I will have an additional 50 dollars a month to play with. That might not seem like a lot, but just think of all I could do with that. That's two shows, or three trips to my favorite restaurant, or five movies, or turkey for three weeks of lunches, or ten pairs of sunglasses from H&M, or two pair of jeans from Old Navy, or 8 plain v-necks, or 25 Orangeades, or 10 pumpkin spice lattes, or 3 ties from TJ Maxx, or 24 coffees from McDonalds, or 100 individually wrapped string cheeses, or half a block of Velveeta. The possibilities are endless really. It's the power of the positive possibility.

I'm strong and I'm loud
I'm gonna make you proud.

And I will.

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