Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Be quiet

I love when people congratulate themselves on Facebook for becoming a better person. And I'm not talking about the ironic way that we brag but don't really mean it. I'm talking about phrases like "I've grown up so much from what all I've been through" or "it feels so good to know I've become such a better person." You know you've seen them on there self-promoting their inner growth and you know you've been irritated. That is, unless you are one of those people who comments and then congratulates the self-congratulatory-individual and feeds their ego even more.
Here's what I know about personal growth. That's something that happens inside of you and no matter how hard you've worked or what you've "been through," it doesn't belong on Facebook. That's what blogs are for. Give me an example, tell me a story, illustrate the growth. But don't throw it up on some Facebook feed so the world can think you're the second coming of an Oprah guest.
Shouldn't growth be the type of thing people witness, not something people are told?  I know this must sound suspect, coming from a blogger who blogs about personal growth situations. But in a blog, there's a context and a bigger picture at work. (or at least there should be) I would also like to think that if you have reached some sort of new-found spiritual or meta-physical state of oneness, you'd know more than to toss that information up on Facebook and trivialize everything you've been working so hard.
I would also like to take this moment to go on a tirade against the phrase "been through some stuff" or any adjacent phrase that's used to talk about how you've struggled or encountered adversity. Here's a shocking statement: That's not specific to you. We've all struggled in one capacity or another. So why do people feel like they need to lean on that phrase as a crutch? It's like an offering plate isn't it? "I've been through some stuff...so feel bad for me and be in awe of the change in me." Every single girl that's ever been on America's Next Top Model has "been through some things," and you know what Tyra has to say about that? She screams at them. Now, when I hear that phrase, all I can imagine is that there's a Tyra inside of me that wants to scream at that person, pointing fingers and my weave flying about.
Real growth happens on the inside and it's not something to broadcast, it's something for people to witness and experience. Kinda like praying in public for the whole world to see (yes, I'm looking at you Rick Perry), when people seeing the action is more important than the action itself. Even Jesus talked about how this was a no-go.
So in an effort to suppress my inner Tyra rage at people on Facebook who speak such nonsense, I've blogged about it to let my feelings go. And that, my friends, is growth. Perhaps I should update my status.

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