Monday, September 5, 2011

The 3 Day Weekend that was really a week of celebration

 Yet another reason to love my neighborhood. Harlem.

 Things I don't understand. Sitting in bowls in Times Square.

 Brown butter & candied bacon ice cream with potato chip & skor bar cookies from the CoolHaus truck. Dying.

What to do on a Saturday? Wander into the Hells Kitchen Flea Market.

 I love New York.

 You know, you can get everything you could want at this flea market. Clothes, records, bed frames with creepy dolls tied by the neck...

 Don't act like this isn't adorable, even if the name in the heart was Bella.

 The gayest pumpkin ever.

It's fall and you know it because the grocery stores in Manhattan have scarecrows in the windows. Bring on my favorite time of the year. 

 How to spend a Saturday afternoon sending congratulatory emails for the rousing success of BLEEP.

 So this woman is walking this dog-bear down the street, I swear to you, the dog was as big as me. I had to go tell the woman I loved her dog.

 That's me!

 Sunday? Stumble upon the Brazil Fest.

9/11 is a week away - so there are events all over the city. This is a series of portraits at the Time Warner center. Really poignant and moving.

 Sunday in the park

Finding my friend on SNL? Hysterical and awesome.

I love a good three day weekend. I think it makes more sense than a two day weekend. There's more time to actually unwind and then rev back up again for the week. After the amazing success of the first four days of BLEEP, the weekend seemed poised for greatness. And I think it happened. I saw some old friends, happened upon seeing a couple new friends, had lots of time to write and spent the days exploring my city. It doesn't get much better than that. Life feels full and wonderful.

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