Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tuesday to Tuesday

A lot can happen in a week. A lot more can happen in a week with friends. Such is the case of this past week. I've gotten in the habit of posting pictures from the weekend but this was a full week of STUFF. 
It began with Zarkana, the new Cirque du Soleil show that's playing at Radio City Music Hall. Spectacular. Really. Got to go with friends from home and friends from here and it was wonderful. There's something about being inside Radio City. It just makes the experience feel larger than itself. 

 Uh...there was a bit of a wardrobe malfunction. Ruth's skirt zipper kinda broke and I was trying to fix it. This photo has become one of the top five photos of us, courtesy of Danielle.

Then look who got here! I love reunions. That was kinda the theme of this weekend. Reunions. I haven't seen any of these girls in seven or eight months. That's a long time.

I'm not sure how this is legal...but those women are 100% naked, just painted. I mean...NAKED.

The thing about New York is that anything can happen. In one weekend, you can visit London in Billy Elliot, you can go on a cruise in Anything Goes and visit Hogwarts at the Harry Potter Experience. It was like we were on a field trip around the world. Add this to the reasons I love this city.

After Cheryl took off, Holly came in for a day and let me tell you...she and I were made for big city excursions. It was a day full of laughing, hugging and complimenting strangers. Yes. We sure did. Girl at Forever 21 - your nails look fantastic. Couple at Hair - you are flawless. (oh yeah, we went to Hair and it was every bit as good as it was in London)

Then things got even more interesting. While we were dancing on the stage at Hair, we were dancing near this guy. Cut to us running into each other outside and talking, realizing we could carry on a conversation and were all very cool people, we went for cheesecake and I'm not ashamed to say, we became friends. Only in New York can you become friends with a stranger, have dessert and be Facebook friends within an hour. 

It was quite an amazing week. Old friends, new friends and a lot of theatre. What could make for a better week? (I wish you could see how sappy this sounds in my head. My thought bubble is a mess right now.) There were far more adventures than I am able to write here and of course I'm posting on Facebook as well, but what matters made it in here.
As I walked into my apartment Tuesday night, I was filled to overflowing. As I've said before, life is nothing but the people who are in it and this past week, I lived LIFE. As it says in Hair, "I've got life." And that's how I feel. I feel I've been given a breather of the soul. An influx of life.

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