Thursday, August 18, 2011

My CCD and TBD are acting up

So I don't do the whole horoscope thing. It's never really done anything for me, I find the whole thing kinda silly that some guy or a computer can sit there and type out the dictation of the day ahead of us before it happens. But, I know a lot of people really dig it and that's fine.
Well, people have started posting their horoscopes on Twitter and every now and then, when a Gemini (I'm one apparently) posts on there, I will read it just out of my CCD (compulsive clicking disorder - it's much like TBD [too busy disorder] from which I also suffer). So this morning I was on a clicking spree and I read this horoscope for myself:

Your life is on an upswing now, and you're probably seeing the positive effects of your rising self-confidence. You may be more inclined than usual to talk about your feelings with your friends and associates, without giving much thought to what you're actually saying. Don't reactivate yesterday's drama; an easygoing approach that focuses on the present moment enables others to meet you on a new and more equal playing field.

I hate when stuff like that is 100% correct.
And I'd love to write about how it's true and try to form words into poetic musings that make me sound both intelligent and witty in a quirky-yet-approachable way - but that little horoscope kinda says it. That's kinda how I've been feeling the past week. Except for the drama part. I don't have much of that in my life. I'll leave the drama to the people on reality TV and to the people vying for the Republican nomination for President.

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