Tuesday, August 9, 2011

If I can dream

I had a moment two nights ago. A real moment.
I know you're just chomping at the bits to hear what it was.
I was working on the magazine, as I have been every night for the past couple weeks, and I finished putting together a new feature that I feel particularly invested in and when I sat back and looked at it, I realized it was not only everything I was hoping it would be, but that I had hit the place where what I was working on was what I had hoped the magazine would become.
This post isn't really about the magazine though. I'm sure you're tired of reading about it honestly. What it's really about is the realization of a dream. We all have dreams for our lives right? I mean, we all have dreams like "I want to win an Oscar" or "I want to be friends with Oprah." But we all have real dreams too. Things we want to accomplish, milestones in our life that we want to achieve. Life-goal-list bullet points we want to be able to cross off. I'm no exception. I've always dreamed a bit bigger than I thought I could accomplish on my own, that way, when it happens, I know there was more to it than just myself. I'm smart, witty, easy to talk to, a hoot and a half, don't censor most of what I say and have proven to be good at quite a few things. But all of that doesn't amount to much in the scheme of dreaming big does it? If I could accomplish it all on my own, what's the need for the dream? It's just a to-do list then.
But sitting there the other night, staring at these spreads and realizing this is what I have been wanting and shooting for since this time last year, I saw my dream realized. Not fully of course, trust me, the dream is much bigger, but enough to where I realized I'm on the right track. And that's an amazing feeling.
The thing I feel like I have to mention is this: the dreams that I have had in my life are bigger than myself. From my first trip to New York over 6 years ago, it was my dream to live here. But it was more than that. It was living in a place that challenged me to grow, surrounding myself with creative people who are game-changers in the scheme of life, getting opportunities to expand my worldview. When I moved up here, one of my friends from Texas told me "You've been saying you were going to move up there and you did it. You're living your dream." And it was in that moment that I realized that I was. Didn't have anything to do with money or the kind of apartment I have or my ability to go eat at this place or that place. Life's so much more than those things. Life's nothing except the people and experiences in it. In that light, I'm the richest guy in the world.
So if you have a dream, why aren't you going for it? Why not just start saying 'yes' to things? Why not take the gamble and throw yourself out there? Why not take a chance on happiness?
I'll go back to what I think is the most quoted song in all 600 something blog entries I've posted:

Happiness is morning and evening,
Daytime and nighttime too
For happiness is anyone and anything at all
That's loved by you.

Why not follow your dream? At some point, you'll realize you're happy and it may not be from the things you thought it would be.  And it's in those moments when you realize life can be so great.

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Mel said...

Amen!! I especially like the part about saying yes to things. Quit saying no! What exactly are you waiting for?? Saying no means you're not appreciating that you are not promised tomorrow. Waiting for a day that may never come is counter-productive!