Saturday, August 6, 2011

I (still) Love Lucy

Today is the day that Lucille Ball would have been 100 years old and all over TV and the internet, people are celebrating the life of a woman who will probably forever stand as the most iconic character on television. It's reported that on the night that Little Ricky was born on the show, 90% of everyone watching TV in America was watching.
Lucy has always been a part of my life but none more-so than when I was in elementary school. My brother and I shared a room back then. Bunk-beds and all. Well, we had an old black and white TV in our room and at night, we would watch the episode of Star Trek The Next Generation that aired at 9. Well, 10:00 was bed time we had to turn off the TV and go to sleep, but every single night, without fail, we would turn the volume way down and stay up an extra hour to watch the two episodes of I Love Lucy that would air after that. It became part of our nightly routine and on Friday nights, when we could stay up however long we wanted, we knew we were up late once the I Love Lucy episodes were over.
I've grown up with it and it always shocks me when I run across people who are unfamiliar with I Love Lucy. It's the staple of television. Not a staple, the staple. The comedy still holds up too. When you watch the episodes today, they are just as funny as they were when they aired in the 1950s. It's a show that will never go out of style. It's timeless.
I've said on here before that my favorite episode is The Operetta, where Lucy writes an operetta to raise money for her women's club. It' my favorite because I think it's when all the characters are at their finest, the music is hysterical and I love at the end when they are taking away all the scenery, you can see what's going on backstage a bit. There's a hallway that leads to the "stage" they are on and you can see what's going on down that hallway. It's not like it's a TV mistake or anything, I just love that we get a glimpse into what's going on there. It's comedic perfection. As was Lucy.

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Mel said...

Good Stuff!! I was watching Lucy all weekend while I laid in bed sick. She was also an inspiration for several speeches that I've given recently. I still love Lucy, too!