Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Crazy (The Stop Remix)

Why is there so much crazy so readily accessible to us on a daily basis? It's like we have to fight through the crazy just to find the rational and normal.

Example #1.
Every time I ready anything about Michelle Bachman, it seems that I find myself neck-deep in crazy. She's not talking about her clinic anymore because she realized people think it's crazy, she's trying hard to pretend she's not Sarah Palin and she's calling the government "gangster." The gangster part I actually find quite hysterical because I just imagine this northern white woman with the crazy ass accent saying the word gangster and I just smile. It's hard to take that seriously really. Crazy.

Example #2.
Even I watch some of the "Real Housewives" series, I will admit that. But it's not something I pay a whole lot of attention to because it's obviously not real life and the majority of the women on there are so obnoxious that I think it paints a poor picture of whatever city they may be in. But when I read that each woman get $265,000 per season...really? That's crazy. And the fact that these woman believe the hype and believe their own faux-relevance in today's culture is crazy. Yes I watch some of them as I'm lying in bed at night, but in an odd way, their off-the-charts crazy makes me feel so much better about my own life. I may not have all the money that they do, but I also don't have all the problems they have either.

Example #3. 
London is the place on Earth I love second only to New York City and over the past four days, people over there have lost their minds. What the hell is going on?! Over 1300 people have been arrested in London and in other major cities in Great Britain because of rioting and looting. Who thought this would be a good idea? So there was a police shooting. Yes, that sucks. But if New York rioted every time there was a police shooting, there would be nothing left on this island except rubble and rats.  These folks need to get it together. Your British for God's sake! Go have some tea, look at Kate's dress at Buckingham Palace and wait for the Olympics like the rest of us. Crazy.

There's so much crazy out there and there will continue to be because we're addicted to it. What started as sensationalism has given way to crazy. I think we all should just listen to some calming music (turn on Sarah Brightman you Brits) and take a deep breath. We need to take a break from the crazy, quit buying the tabloids that so toxic in our society and just worry about the things that matter. Like Top Chef: Just Desserts coming back on. That's what really matters here people! Personally, I would love it if I opened a news website and didn't have to see crazy at the top story. It just needs to stop.

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