Sunday, July 17, 2011

Weekend Photo Diary 7-17 Edition

 Rockin the cassette player on the train. Right on.

 A little free inspiration from the street.

 The sign speaks for itself.

 Interview with Zach Schmal of Schmackary's for the mag. Get excited gang. It's gonna be a great issue. (And while I tried to do some promo for Zach while at work by giving some of the cookies away, I am owning the fact that I, personally, ate most of them and have absolutely ZERO regrets.)

 80 degrees in July. Amazing.

 Attended a wedding, if only for a few minutes while in transit. Cheers.

 Gonna check out some theater with the guy who knows everyone in every show (so it seems at least).

 Shakespeare outside in Battery Park. Quite fun.

 From Battery Park, the show moved onto a ferry. Boat ride and a show.

 Then it was over to Governor's Island (which was France in this particular play)

 Uh...we were encouraged to charge the actors...okay then.

 Why not end up at Otto, Mario Batali's restaurant?

All that was in my freezer this weekend. Frozen gummi bears (the only way to eat them by the way)

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