Sunday, July 24, 2011

Me, my mantra and Shakespeare

I titled my blog 'Truth is Truth' because it's a phrase that I began living by when I was early in college. It's something that kinda covers all aspects of my life, from the deep and meaningful to the obnoxious and inappropriate. It's something that my friends have quoted back to me and something I've typed here more times than I can count.
Friday night, I was at Shakespeare in the Park seeing Measure for Measure, a play that I've neither read nor seen before and I have to be honest, it was so hot and muggy that I wasn't all that interested. It was well acted and interestingly staged, but I was just so tired of being outside in the heat...until Act V Scene i when Isabella says "Truth is truth" to one of the characters. I have to admit, I had the church giggles then. It was wonderful.
I don't claim to be particularly brilliant, unique or ahead of my time, but I love a moment when an idea that I had at some point is had by someone else who is considered all of those things. It makes me feel validated in a strange way. I know that's weird.
So Shakespeare said it before I did, but that's alright. Truth is truth.

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