Monday, July 4, 2011

The Fourth Weekend that was

The Fourth of July is a super-sized family holiday in the Brinson household but since I'm in New York and they are all in Texas, I had an un-traditional Fourth. 
It started Friday, when I met a friend in Union Square in route to a play. He told me he was in the middle near a sign and orgasms. Right. There was actually a giant sign covered in red cards that said "Orgasm is" on them. A local new age sex cult wanted people to write in their definition. Some groups want to raise money for the homeless, some raise awareness for AIDS. These folks just want people to talk openly about sex...right. Did I mention the girl who was in charge was named Rainbow?  I was invited to come to the sex cult but you will all be happy to know that I abstained...courteously. (That's a 1776 reference and an homage to my friend Rachel who passed away last year. We watched 1776 in Mr. Robb's history class, that we renamed Mr. Robb's Neighborhood, and we quoted it unendingly. "Ryan and Rachel abstain...courteously.")

So we left the sex cult station and went to see an Off-Broadway play called "Unnatural Acts" (I know this may seem like there's a really dirty theme building up here but I promise there's not) and it was really spectacular. I like when you go to a random piece of theatre and it not only surprises you but you feel like you were able to really walk away with something. I love that. It was so creative and interesting and we had really amazing seats for very little money.
Well, and you know that I prefer musicals over plays but this play grabbed the audience and didn't let us go until the end. Plus they did this really cool choreographed monologue at the end that was fascinating and they actually sang at the beginning. I like plays that are able to incorporate other mediums to tell the story.

I should also mention that Friday when I left work, I walked past one of the summer pianos in the city. During the summer, all these pianos get put out all over the city, they're free and people can just sit there and play them. It's really kinda fun because whenever I walk by them, legit people are playing and I am able to turn off my music and actually listen to what they are playing. It's like adding a literal soundtrack to the city.
My soundtrack right now would include the song "Kissing You" from Romeo and Juliet. Not that I am doing any kissing, but I just can't get it out of my head so I listen to it all the time. Just thought you'd like to know.

 I'm such a fan of this photo because it's the most typical club photo there ever has been. It makes me laugh. But you know, sometimes you just need to go out and dance around in the dark (in public) right? I mean, I know we all dance around in the dark in the privacy of our own rooms and apartments but sometimes we just need to get out there and be moderately ridiculous. Plus, there is no greater people watching.
I've found that some weekends, you just need to go out and let go. I'm a person that likes to be in control and we need to just give it up sometimes. Everyone does it differently I think. This weekend, we needed to dance around and play in the city in the middle of the night. (insert obvious comment about being overly excited about Homecoming in the fall with theSix.)

 The Fourth is an outdoor day so I spent time...outdoors. Sheep's Meadow in Central Park is the place to be for shirtless and sunbathing people. I mean it, it looks like the aftermath of a sexy war out there with all these half-naked people lying around taking naps.  I wasn't there to do that, but I did get some exercise which became necessary since I was there to meet up with a guy who will be featured in the next issue of BLEEP. He started his own cookie company, Schmackarys, and let me tell you...I could have eaten an entire dozen. I didn't. I had one. But I could have had multitudes more. Self control on the Fourth? Check.
It's important to mention here that not one but two of my friends told me today that they were also going to miss out on the Brinson family Fourth celebrations. Pledging the flag in the front yard, fireworks on the golf course, my father conducting the Boston Pops on TV, more food than anyone should eat, the ice's all a part of the fun.
So not only am I missing out on the party but the friends I've brought along to the party in the past were missing out on it as well. Next year, I hope to have a spectacular Fourth celebration day, starting some traditions of my own here in the city. But topping the Brinson family Fourth will be nearly impossible.

I went out to see the fireworks because they were saying this was the largest one in the country and I believe them. Basically, it's the size of 6 fireworks shows because there are six barges all along the river that are shooting identical shows up and down the island. There were thousands of people out there, and I actually liked that there were so many people there. Why? Because as much as I wanted to kick the little kid that kept slapping my butt, once the fireworks started, everyone actually 'oohed' and 'ahhed' the entire time. It was so strange to me. When a fun firework went off, everyone cheered. That's not how it happens on the golf course in Dallas. But it was great.

Finally, tired and thirsty, I went into a Duane Read to get something to drink and there it was. Literally the last Orangeade in the store. It was like Jesus Christ Himself made sure that no tourist was able to see it. See small miracles every day gang. It's the small things in life that are the most meaningful and tonight, it was the solo Orangeade saved just for me.

So while my weekend was a little different than it would have been had I been back in The Republic, it was eventful for sure. But, I should say this about my family. We are thick as thieves and we make sure that we are all a part of the celebration. So, courtesy of my aunt and my cousin's arm, you are able to see how they made sure I was a part of the party. I even posed for a patriotic photo. I love my family.  I love the Fourth.

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