Sunday, July 10, 2011

Does whatever a Spider (tried to) can

I'm horrified that I can say this, but yes, I've seen Spider-Man on Broadway.

Listen, curiosity caught me in its web (pun clearly intended) and I went and witnessed it for myself. I needed to know.
Now I know.  Half the battle, over. Here's what I have to say:
Perhaps the wrong piece of the puzzle was removed? Visually, it's stunning, amazing, breathtaking and brilliant. I saw things I've never seen before and at this point, I'm pretty jaded, so that's saying something. It really does look like a comic book coming to life. Really, it was amazing to look at and experience. Julie Taymour knows how to visually present something in an incredible way and while I didn't see the initial, apparently tragic, version of this show, perhaps the underlying problem with this MUSICAL was...
...the MUSIC. The cog in this popcorn-movie-turned-show-machine that should have been removed was Bono and The Edge. I've never heard such bad music in a musical in my life. There were approximately one and a half songs that were worth anything and the rest of them were so terrible that I, and everyone around me, was getting bored while they were being sung. Bored. Spider Man is flying around in this show and there are moments of sheer boredom? It also stands to be mentioned that the choreography was really terrible. I've seen much better in SING acts at Baylor. Much much better.
I should say that I'm glad I saw it because I'm such a visual person and really, they did things that I didn't think you could do on stage. But for real, the music was so terrible that if I saw Bono on the street, I would smack him in the mouth and tell him to go back to singing in stadiums and leave the musical theater to Elton John. It really was that bad.

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