Thursday, June 16, 2011

Which is okay because you're....28!

My birthday was Tuesday and I am officially 28. That's weird.
Not that I feel like it's so old or that I'm dreading the big 3-0 in two years. Nah. I embrace 30. Bring it on. My thirties are going to be really spectacular and if I have anything to say about it, they will top my twenties. Yes. They will.

No, being 28 is weird because I am just now feeling like I'm coming into my own. I feel like it's taken a long time for things in my life to settle down and fall into place but it finally is. I suppose that's just how my life has warranted until now. I've been in school, I've been in grad school, I moved, I did a great many things and finally, things are at a semi-steady pace and I feel like I'm able to finally grow where I'm planted.
People say that you become who you're supposed to be as you are in college and going through that period of your life but I don't know that I agree with that completely. I think there's a foundation that's laid there but it's not until you are planted where you need to be that any of those things take effect.
So I think back on these 28 years and while I'm such a fan of what's happened until now, I'm really looking forward to the next 28 because I think they will be exponentially greater. Perhaps that's optimism to a foolish singer-songwriter level, but that's what I truly believe.
So I'm 28 now and I'm confident in saying that I am older and wiser now than I was a year ago. Since my last birthday, I lived just blocks from Westminster Abbey for five weeks, saw Hair and Oliver in London, drank wine in the rain in Paris, saw the Moulin Rouge, moved to New York, learned how to photograph a wedding, saw the Macys Parade in person, went to a choir concert that changed my life, had the perfect Christmas in New York moment, got my Masters, saw the Rockettes in person finally, was named Designer of the Year by TIPA, started my own digital magazine and got a "real job." That's a lot.
So bring it on 28. Bring it on. It's gonna be even better than 27. And really, being 28 just means that there's only two years until my 30th birthday extravaganza in Vegas.
It also stands to mention that as I am typing this, I Will Always Love You just came on my internet radio, making this a moment. And now I'm singing. I guess that hasn't changed from when I was 27. I will probably always sing loudly with the radio at any time, however inappropriate.

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